Outstanding aircraft designer Alexander S. Shengardt passed away

Outstanding aircraft designer Alexander S. Shengardt passed away

The management and staff of Tupolev PJSC express their deepest condolences in connection with the death of the oldest employee - one of the key designers of Tupolev airplanes, Alexander S. Shengardt.

From February 10, 1948 until his last day, Alexander Shengardt had the only employer, Tupolev company. Here he worked for over 70 years. All the advanced developments of the company could not do without his participation. Shengardt is a man who makes an epoch and one of the most authoritative designers of our time schooled by legendary Andrey N. Tupolev.

Alexander Shengardt took part in the creation of aircraft that have become milestone for the entire national aircraft industry: civil airliners Tu-104, Tu-114, Tu-124, strategic military aircraft systems Tu-16, Tu-95, Tu-22.

For 35 years Shengardt held the post of chief designer of the legendary Tu-154 aircraft - the first national passenger airliner provided with international-class technical documentation. Under the leadership of Alexander S. Shengardt, on the basis of the Tu-154 aircraft there were built a Tu-154C cargo version and Tu-154B version, which became the most mass-produced aircraft of the country's civil aviation and for the creation and commissioning of which A. Shengardt was awarded the title of "Lenin Prize Laureate" in 1980. In 1997 he was awarded the title "Honored Designer of Russia" for active participation in the development and creation of the state-of-the-art models of aeronautical equipment.

Valery Solozobov, Deputy General Director of Tupolev PJSC for Design, Research and Development:

“Alexander S. Shengardt was a man who became a legend during his lifetime. He was always distinguished by a systematic approach, the ability to correctly set a task, to take into account all the details, but he never got stuck on them. Shengardt trusted the team members to solve the most difficult technical problems, and therefore we had a creative atmosphere focused on results ".

A unique person of encyclopedic knowledge, a brilliant engineer, a witty, charming person of endless energy, who enjoyed the highest authority and love of everyone with whom he communicated, passed away.

Farewell to Alexander S. Shengardt takes place on Tuesday, September 8. The time and place are to be announced.
The Tupolev team will always remember Alexander S. Shengardt.