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Sergey S. Popov

Sergey S. Popov

Honoured test-pilot of the Russian Federation (1997), colonel.

Sergey Popov was born on March 20, 1950 in the city of Leningrad. In 1967 he finished high school in the city of Rybinsk of Yaroslavl region.

Since 1967 Sergey Popov was in the army. In 1971 he graduated from Tambov Higher Military aviation school for pilots n.a. M. M. Raskova. In 1971-1975 Sergey Popov was the second pilot of Tu-16 airplane (Vozdvizhenka, the Far East). In 1973-1974 he was taking courses for the first pilots in the 43rd Center for Combat Application and Training of Air Crew (in the city of Ryazan).

In 1974-1979 Sergey Popov served in strategic aviation forces as the first pilot of Tu-95V and Tu-95VM in the city of Uzin (Ukraine), and as a deputy commander of Tu-95К and Tu-95KM airplanes squadron in the city of Mozdok.

In 1980 Sergey Popov graduated from the Test-pilot Training Center. In 1985 he graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute. In 1980-1990 he was engaged in flight-test work in the State Air Force research and test institute decorated with the Order of the Red Banner as a chief test-pilot and a commander of flight-test squadron.

In 1990-2003 Sergey Popov was engaged in flight-test work in Tupolev design bureau as a test-pilot, a chief of the flight service, a department head. Since 2003 he was a chief specialist for methodological support at the flight service of ZAO "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft".

As a leading test-pilot Sergey Popov tested Tu-160, Su-24MK, A-50, Tu-22M2, Tu-22M3, Tu-154, Tu-134, Tu-95MS, Tu-142, Il-76PP, An-72RR, Tu-204.

Sergey Popov took part in flight tests and special tests of air refuelling systems on Tu-95MS, Tu-160, A-50, Il-80. He performed the first flight of Tu-204-120 (on August 14, 1992) and Tu-204-120C. In total, he has mastered piloting of 40 types of airplanes and their modifications.

Sergey Popov has represented Russian airplanes performing demonstration flights at air shows in Paris, London, Melbourne, Singapore, in Malaysia, India, Jordan, the Republic of South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, China and at Moscow aerospace salon.

Sergey Popov is a master of the airplane sport. He has established 9 world records.

Sergey Popov lives in the city of Zhukovsky.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Star and six medals.