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Sergey G. Borisov

Sergey G. Borisov

Hero of the Russian Federation (2000), test-pilot of the 1st class, captain.

Sergey Borisov was born on June 10, 1958 in the village of Rodnikovskaya in Kurganinsky district of Krasnodar  area.

Since 1975 Sergey Borisov was in the army. In 1979 he graduated from Kacha Higher Military aviation school for pilots. He served in combatant forces of the Air Force and since 1986, he was reserved.

In 1987 Sergey Borisov graduated from the Test-Pilot School.

Since 1987 Sergey Borisov is a test-pilot of the Tupolev design bureau. He has performed large amount of tests on Tu-95MS and Tu-204-120. He has lifted in the sky and carried out tests of Tu-144LL supersonic flying  laboratory (1996-1998), and also Tu-334 passenger plane. He took part in tests of Tu-22M3 and Tu-160 supersonic bombers, Tu-154 and Tu-204 passenger airplanes and others.

According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from April 28, 2000 Sergey Borisov was awarded  the title of the Hero of the Russian Federation and the Gold Star medal (№ 640) for courage and heroism.

Vasily Borisov lives in the city of Zhukovsky of the Moscow region. Nowadays, he still works as a test-pilot at Tupolev design bureau.

Sergey Borisov was awarded the Order "For personal courage"(1994) and medals.