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Long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142M

Tu-142, Tu-142M, Tu-142M3 – long range aircraft of ASW protection - antisubmarine weapon system (АПЛК) Tu-142M is one of the largest in the world. It is designed for anti-missile carrier submarine warfare of potential enemies, for creation and control of anti-submarine barriers of large extent for a long time.

Executive order on aircraft Tu-142 was issued on February 28, 1963.Development Design Bureau was ordered to design and develop Tu-142 with search and targeting system and a set of anti-submarine weapons based on the long-range Tu-95РЦ. With more than a decade of operation of the first versions of aircraft Tu-95 a new wing with more efficient profiles was designed for the new machine, soft rubber wing fuel tanks were replaced with rigid metal caisson-tanks. To improve the landing characteristics two-segment flaps were implemented. The area of the rudder was increased. Significant improvements were carried out in the operating system by setting its channels irreversible hydraulic boosters. Bank counteract system was introduced. Innovations in the operating system greatly facilitated the process of piloting which was confirmed by subsequent flight tests and long-term operation. Analysis of the effectiveness of a potential enemy air defense and the use of defensive weapons has reduced the number of cannon mountings to one, giving up two fuselage turret mountings. At the same time expanded the scope of airborne equipment REP. The first prototype aircraft Tu-142 was built at Kuibyshev Aviation Plant by summer of 1968. On June, 18 crew of test-pilot I.K. Vedernikov performed the first flight. In May 1970 the first aircraft Tu-142 entered into trial operation of combat units of Naval Aviation and began daily work of tracking potential enemy submarines. On December 14, 1972 complex Tu-142 was officially adopted by the naval aviation. In 1986 eight aircraft modification of Tu-142M with complex "Korshun-K" under the name Tu-142M-Э were delivered to India where it has successfully been operated to the present day. Latest modifications of aircraft Tu-142 - Tu-142-M, Tu-142M3 - continue to be operated in the Northern and Pacific Fleet. In Kuibyshev and Taganrog was totally built more than a hundred of Tu-142.

ASW aircraft Tu-142 is a monoplane with four turboprop engines, mid-wing and single-fin tail. Tricycle landing gear is with controlled front wheels. Planer aircraft consists of the fuselage, wing, four-engine nacelles and tail. Monocoque fuselage type (is equipped with a set of longitudinal stringers, cross-set of frames with stressed skin). Other parts are attached to the fuselage of the plane. In the front and rear part crew cockpits are placed, in the tail section rear cannon mounting is located. Fuselage length is 46.4 m, maximum diameter - 2.9 m. In the nose part beam of in-flight refueling system is installed (with the use of "Cone" system). To leave the aircraft in case of emergency access hatch is located in the niche of the front leg. The lower part of the fuselage has two cargo compartments. Aircraft wing consists of five parts and nearly all of it except for the center section is tank caisson consisting of eight compartments (complete filling of aircraft including two soft located in the center section and one at the rear of the fuselage). Wing span is 50 m; sweep angle on the leading edge is 33.5 degrees. The power plant consists of four aircraft turboprop engines НК-12M designed by N.D. Kuznetsov. Power of each engine is 15,000 equivalent hp; two coaxial four-bladed tractor propellers are installed there.