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Mikhail V. Kozlov

Mikhail V. Kozlov

Hero of the Soviet Union (1966), honoured test-pilot of the USSR (1972), colonel (1967).

Mikhail Kozlov was born on November 5, 1928 in the village of Ezhovo in the Galichsky district of the Kostroma region.

In 1943-1945 Mikhail Kozlov took classes in Kiev special school of the Air Force (the city of Sverdlovsk), and in 1946, he finished Leningrad special school of the Air Force.

Since August, 1946 Mikhail Kozlov was in the army. Until May, 1947 he had taken classes in Tambov Military aviation school for pilots. In 1951 Mikhail Kozlov graduated from Kirovabad Military aviation school for pilots, and till 1955, he was a flight instructor there. In 1957 he graduated from Test-Pilot School, and in 1966 - from Moscow Aviation Institute.

From April, 1957 Mikhail Kozlov was a test-pilot of Tupolev design bureau (in 1970-1973 - the chief test-pilot of the design bureau). He had lifted in the sky and carried out tests of Tu-16K-10 (October, 1957; 2nd pilot), "98A" (1960), Tu-128 (1961), Tu-144 first-ever supersonic passenger plane (1968; 2nd pilot), Tu-144 № 2 (1971). Mikhail Kozlov also took part in maturation of prototype airplanes, carried out research flights at special and critical modes, took part in factory and state official tests of Tu-144. He had carried out tests of the K-80 rockets on Tu-104 (1961), tests of Tu-128M (1970-1972). He also took part in tests of Tu-95, Tu-104, Tu-110, Tu-110B, Tu-114, Tu-124, Tu-134, Tu-154 and their modifications.

Mikhail Kozlov died on June 3, 1973 performing demonstration flight on Tu-144 in Le Bourget (France). He was buried at the Novo-Dyevitchiye cemetery in Moscow.

Mikhail Kozlov was awarded the Orders of Lenin (1966), the Order of the October Revolution (1971), the Order of the Red Star (1961) and medals.