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Ivan K. Vedernikov

Ivan K. Vedernikov

Hero of the Soviet Union (1981), honoured test-pilot of the USSR (1963), colonel (1971).

Ivan Vedernikov was born on November 17, 1923 in the village of Novokrasnyanka in Kremensky district of Lugansk region (Ukraine). In 1941, he graduated from Lisichansk aero club.

Since July, 1941 Ivan Vedernikov was in the army. In 1944, he graduated from Omsk Military aviation school for pilots and Krasnodar United military aviation school (the city of Grozny). He was the flight commander of the 3rd reserve air regiment (the city of Joshkar-Ola).

Ivan Vedernikov is a participant of the Great Patriotic War: from February to May, 1945 he was the pilot of the 35th Guards bomber regiment and fought at the 2nd Baltic and Leningrad fronts. He took part in the blocade of Curland army group and has performed 6 combat flights on Pe-2 bomber. After the war he continued his service in combatant forces of the Air Force (Baltic Military Region).

From January, 1950 to December, 1961 Ivan Vedernikov was engaged in flight-test work in the State Air Force research and test institute decorated with the Order of the Red Banner (in 1949-1953 - in the Department of tests of equipment for airborne forces, since 1953 - the 2nd Department). He has carried out state tests of Tu-16N and 3M aircraft with RD-3M engines, took part in state tests of Tu-16 and Tu-95 bombers, Tu-114, Tu-116 passenger planes and Yak-14 glider. He also performed tests of Tu-114 at high angles of attack and tests of Tu-95 combat application. Since December, 1961 he was reserved.

From January, 1962 to August, 1990 Ivan Vedernikov was engaged in flight-test work in Tupolev design bureau (1980-1987 - chief of the Flight department). He has lifted in the sky and carried out tests of Tu-95RC (1962), the pilot Tu-126 of Kuibyshev aircraft factory (1966), Tu-142 (1968), Tu-142М (1975). He has also carried out tests on maturation of Tu-16 and Tu-142 refuelling technology, tests on Tu-22К combat application. He also took part in tests of Tu-104, Tu-124, Tu-114, Tu-134, Tu-142M, Tu-144, Tu-154 and their modifications.

Vasily Borisov lives in the city of Zhukovsky of the Moscow region. Nowadays, he works as an engineer-methodologist on the flight simulator at Tupolev design bureau.

Vasily Borisov was awarded two Orders of Lenin (1971, 1981), the Order of the October Revolution (1976), the Order of the Red Banner (1957), the Order of the Patriotic War 1st class (1985), the Order of the Red Star (1956), medals including "Medal for Courage" (1945).