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Tu-334 is a short-range turbojet aircraft for 102 passengers, with range of 3,150 km for estimated payload. The first flight of Tu-334-100 was performed on February 8, 1999.

Tu-334 is created on the base of advanced developments in aerodynamics, airframe structure, material engineering, airborne equipment and it is powered with high-efficient engines. This made possible to reach high aerodynamic characteristics and low operational costs.

In December 2003, the aircraft received type certificate No СТ231-Ту-334-100.

Tu-334 is among the model range of Tupolev JSC aircraft Tu-334-100, Tu-204-300, Tu-204, Tu-214, that provide transportation of 70-210 passengers at the range of 500-9,000 km.

The aircraft complies with Russian and international airworthiness codes and advanced requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol regulations related to noise level and emissions margins, modern requirements to separation, navigation, etc. The aircraft is equipped with up-to-date high-efficient engines with great service life.

On April 15, 2005, Government of the Russian Federation issued the Regulation No 217 "On organization of serial production of short-range Tu-334-100 a/c and its versions at FGUP "KAPO n.a. S.P. Gorbunov".

Tu-334 aircraft has vast opportunities of performance upgrade by use of future advanced equipment and engines.

The aircraft is completely adapted to native environmental conditions and aerodromes, that is verified by flight tests, including those ones, held in extreme conditions.

The cockpit, same as Tu-204/214 one, developed with use of electronic displays and Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), provides comfortable operating conditions for the flight crew. Condition of the main flight-navigational and aircraft systems is displayed on the colour LCD screens. Standard navigation system of the aircraft provides automatic navigation, coordinated with program of optimal trajectory of ICAO category IIIA landing. The external communication system provides an opportunity of accurate permanent communication with ATC using VHF and HF frequencies.


The aircraft is powered by 2 turbofan D-436T-1 engines with thrust reverser, produced at Zaporizhia Machine-Building Design Bureau "Progress" (2х73.6 kH, 2х7,500 kgf). The engine is certified in 2000 (Type Certificate No СШ145-Ту-334-100). It has low fuel consumption, high environmental performance, low operational costs and long life time. The engine is produced in cooperation with "Motor-Sich" JSC (Ukraine), "Moscow Machine-Building Production Association "Salut"" JSC (Russia) and "Ufa Machine-Building Production Association" JSC (Russia). Next versions of Tu-334 are supposed to be powered by turbofan D-436T-2 engines with thrust of 80.4 – 83.4 kH (8200 kgf). 

The passenger cabin layout is developed according to the ICAO requirements, that provides comfortable passengers and luggage arrangement. Passengers are provided with high level of comfort, that is achieved by rational layout and composition of service rooms, deep ergonomic optimization of common and individual space of the passengers cabin, use of up-to-date arm-chairs, interior design and materials as well as by creating comfortable climatic conditions and low noise level. The length of the passenger cabin and distribution of passengers in the row according to the 3 + 3 layout, allow creating a variety of one-class layouts, and mixed layouts with economic, business and first class compartments.

Passenger cabin layout is designed according to the customer's choice. Non-combustible materials are used in decorating passenger cabin. The cabin provides overhead racks of increased volume. Low noise level is provided in the passenger cabin. Audio and video systems for in-flight entertainment can be installed in the cabin.

The catering equipment provides hot meals and complies with European standard KSSU. The ATLAS standard is available at the customer's request.

Tu-334 meets ICAO, FAR, JAR requirements and guidelines of the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia, related to providing transportation safety.

The high degree of continuity of design and technological solutions and operational unification of Tu-334 with successfully operated aircraft Tu-204/214, the use of «Hi-Tech» - equipment components and systems of domestic and foreign production provide Tu-334 high economic efficiency, technical and operational perfection.

Tu-334 maintenance is based on meeting the requirements of international standards (ICAO, MSG-3) and it provides maintaining airworthiness of the aircraft within its life cycle, using "on-condition" basis, with minimizing maintenance costs.  The use of modern equipment and in-service inspection means allow to determine the technical condition of the aircraft, its functional systems and complexes, both in flight and during all kinds of maintenance, that provides high operational performance, allowing to carry out preflight preparation just in 25 minutes.

Tupolev JSC provides a wide range of Tu-334 variants, providing the possibility of extending the operating conditions related to passengers capacity, flight range, use in cargo- and VIP-transportation and installation of engines of foreign companies.




Aircraft dimensions


Aircraft length, m


Aircraft height, m


Wing span, m


Wing area, m2


Wing sweep, deg


Fuselage cross-section, m

3.8 x 4.1



Maximum takeoff weight, t


Operating empty weight, t


Maximum payload, t


Fuel weight, t


Maximum landing weight, t


Range at maximum payload, km


Range with 102 passengers, km


Cruise speed, km/h


Runway length, m