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Tupolev PJSC offers a job to senior students, graduates and engineering young professionals. The work at our company gives young people an opportunity to develop their creativity and scientific and technical potential through taking part in military and civil aircraft advanced models designing.  The designing activity helps to develop creative initiative, improve skills and in case of productive work it will become a basis for future career advancement.
Tupolev PJSC communicates with many Universities. The students of full-time education may have a part-time working day or a part-time working week. Night-class students work under full-time working day in different Central Design Bureau departments. Students who work within their specialization can do practical training, term papers and graduation works under the instructor’s guidance.  Practical work helps students to acquire practical skill in aircraft design and analysis, put them up to the scientific and technical achievements in Russia and abroad.
Combining work in our company with studying at the University improves the results in major courses. For potential employees – students of Technical Universities on a fee-paying basis, payments for education can be made at the the company’s expense.
All of this helps students – future engineers to study business culture of the company. It is also worth mentioning that Tupolev design bureau is situated close to the main Technical Universities: Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman, Russian State Technological University n.a. K.E. Tsiolkovsky, Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI), National Research University "MPEI”, that is very convenient for those who combine work with study.
Advantages of the work with our company:

Young engineers can take part in the annual competition “The best by profession” which makes it possible to stimulate their creative potential on different stages of career development.  For the purpose of theoretical and practical skills of young specialists development, increase in productivity of labor and quality of products there are several themes of the competition:

Special committee examines all the works and draws up the results of the competition. The participants who have taken the first, the second and the third places get the prizes.
Scientific and technical policy of the company is directed to the support of scientific and technical thought of youth. Young specialists (candidates) who are engaged in research work participate in scientific and research conferences of aerospace industry in Russia and abroad.
There are special English language courses for young specialists who work with English technical documentation. Corresponding categories of personnel are trained to work with specialized software.
Young specialists can realize their creative potential by participating in mass cultural and sport events. There is a gym at the company’s building. Those who wish can go to the swimming pool at “Luzhniki” at the company’s expense. Close to the building there is a stadium “Sokol” for football training. Football, volleyball and basketball teams take part in youth Spartakiada Games. Beside that the company arranges excursions to aviation factories, aviation museums and airshows.