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Books. Personalities

Books. Personalities

"Through the eyes of the Giants" by Alexander L. Pukhov  

"All human beings, whatever they may be, but they did anything out of the ordinary, or those who can claim superiority, all such people should, if they are truthful and honest, describe your own life."
Benvenuto Cellini.

"Autobiography», XVI century, the English translation of John Symonds.

For eleven happy years (1961-1972) the author of this book had the honor to be a participant and witness of Andrei N. Tupolev and the group he headed.
The curator of the museum named after N.E.Zhukovsky at TsAGI  Mrs.N.M.Semenova had assured us that keeping the memories of the genius only inside is unacceptable: years pass away and the people pass away too, partners and witnesses to the events, the facts get lost and forgotten, materials and artifacts of the great achievements of creative thought die. It is the duty of every one who can save for the young generation the portrait face of  Tupolev Design Bureau head, an unusually gifted man, no doubt, one of the largest aircraft designers of our country, to write about it.

In a thick blue notebook Sergei M. Eger began to write his memoirs with an explanation to himself and all of us, why he did it.. First, he has something to say, and, secondly, as Semenova said - he should succeed.

All of the above pushed me to write this book. Moreover, remembering the great representatives of the Tupolev, I decided to tell you about the people who surrounded them, and everyone in the area, too, were giants. My work would be less interesting and would not have happened without the help and support of Tupolev, my foreign friends who shared their memories/ Special thanks to G. Sokolov, E.P. Pankratenkov, N.P., Leonov, A.A.Tupolev, V.I. Blyzniuk, J.N. Popov, S.P. Avakimov, A.I. Sergeev, E.B. Skvortsov, L.E. Vasiliev, A.I. Chernyshev, A.K. Shtovba, V.G. Rigmant, A.M. Zatuchny, V.M. Vul, E.S. Olshanskaya.

Separately thank George S. Byushgens for the invaluable comments on the manuscript of my work”.

Alexander Leonidovich Pukhov


"The strategic bomber Tu-160" by Vladimir G. Rigmant

"The strategic bomber Tu-160" V.G. Rigmant. "Aviacollection" supplement to "Model  Designer” magazine No 11, 2011, 32 p. Issue devoted to the 30th anniversary of the first flight of the Tu-160, contains information about the history of the airplane, its mass production and modification, maintenance, and operational use of color. This issue provides a brief technical description and drawings of the machine, as well as the unique black-and-white photographs and materials from the archives of the Museum JSC «Tupolev».


"Tupolev"  by N.G. Bodrikhin

M.: Young Guard, 2011, 455 [9]., illustrated. -  (Lives of Remarkable People: Ser. Biographies., MY. 1327)

The next release of the biographical series "Life of Remarkable People" is dedicated to Andrei Tupolev - outstanding aircraft constructor, led the design and production of more than one hundred types of aircraft, in many ways defined the face of global aviation in the XX century.

The book presents all the life and work of A.N. Tupolev - from his first airplane which took to the skies in 1923, before the world's first supersonic passenger airliner - the Tu-144, which he spent in flight in 1968.
Introduction to the book is the article of A.P. Bobryshev - President of "Tupolev" JSC, which is the successor to the glorious tradition and experience of design bureau created by A.N. Tupolev.

The “Ilya Muromets” bomber in action: The exploits of Russian aviators " by Sergei and Michael Nikolsky

Moscow, LLC "Publishing" Yauza "," Publisher "Exmo", 2010, 384 p., illustrated. - (The Great Forgotten War)

The book is dedicated to the domestic aviation industry, the emergence and development of which occurred in the years of the First World War and the Civil War. Unique in its kind publication is a memoir of the first Russian military pilots - Sergei and Michael Nikolsky - command of an aircraft, "Ilya Muromets", which marked the beginning of the creation stories of heavy military aviation in Russia.

The most precious memories of the Nikolsky brothers brought us the first experience of the use of heavy combat aviation organization sorties, air reconnaissance, the application of single and multiple air strikes, the organization of all types of combat support and much more.

"Tupolev Combat Aircraft" by Nikolay V. Jakubowicz

M., LLC "Publishing" Yauza "," Publisher "Exmo", 2010, 528 p., illustrated. - (The recent history of aviation)
A new book by one of the leading historians of aviation recounts of ALL combat aircraft designed by Tupolev and the famous design bureau (in the period from 1920 to the present).

“Unknown Tupolev. Little known projects” by Vladimir Eger

M., "Yauza", "Penguin", 2008.

This unique book is based on the recollections of Sergei Mikhailovich Eger, in 1938 the former close ally of Tupolev, which was held with the chief designer of a prison sentence and Beria "sharashka" and then worked for many years as his deputy, responsible for the preliminary design. This book - the most detailed and candid story about the fate of the great aircraft constructor, his genius and his legendary project size.

"Andrei Nikolaevich Tupolev. Sides of daring creativity"

2nd edition, enlarged, revised.

Editorial Board: I.S.Shevchuk, A.M.Zatuchny, V.M.Vul, G.A.Cheremuhin, V.G.Rigmant (editor and compiler M.S.Listov), Nauka, 2008., 356s., illustrated.

The book reflects the different aspects of  life and work of A.N.Tupolev, the famous marks in the establishment Tupolev’s design bureau, history of the most famous Tupolev planes. Compared with the first edition (Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1988) in the text has significant additions and clarifications of new materials, including updated information on the aircraft, created in the bureau, significantly increased the number and quality of the illustrations.

"UNKNOWN Tupolev" by M.B.Saukke

2nd edition, revised and enlarged

Moscow: Fond "Russian Knights", 2006. - 192 pp., illustrated.

The book describes the little known aspects of engineering founder of Russian all-metal aircraft, Academician Andrei Tupolev, its contribution to the creation of snowmobiles, motor torpedo boats, airships and work in the CDB-29, the NKVD. Books includes rare photographs and diagrams models. The publication is intended for a wide range of readers interested in the history of technology.

"Tupolev. The MAN AND HIS PLANES" by Paul Duffey, A.I. Kandalov

Moscow, "Moscow Worker", 1999 264 p., illustrated.

It’s a Russian translation of the book that was released in English in 1996   One of the first attempts to review the stages of aircraft by Tupolev design bureau from ANT-1 до Тu-334..

"Tupolev" by L.L. Kerber

Saint-Petersburg, "Polytechnic", 1999 339 p., illustrated.

Collection of materials written in different years, one of the closest Tupolev’s colleagues. The book shows many aspects of the life and work of Tupolev, previously unknown to the general reader.