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Aviation training center (ATC-Tu)

ATC-Tu purpose and objectives:
Tupolev PJSC Aviation Training Center (ATC-Tu) is an institution of additional professional education certified for aviation training in accordance with the approved education programs.

ATC-Tu is aimed at training, advanced training of ZFT and DB aviation personnel, manufacturers, airlines and retraining to operate aircraft developed by Tupolev PJSC.

The main objectives of ATC-Tu: develop and improve programs for preparation of aviation personnel to operate aircraft, work out proposals to adjust operational and technical documentation, summarize and analyze experience of aircraft development and operation, provide teaching materials, software and software training; participation in automated learning systems development.

Organization of aviation personnel training

The process of training is based on aviation rules and regulations of the Russian Federation, International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

Basic documents to plan and organize educational process for all types of training airline personnel are plans of study, course schedule and thematic curricula. The content of these documents is determined by the regulations of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the ICAO guidance material, the qualification requirements for flight personnel, as well as major prospects of development of civil aviation and the latest achievements in the field of aviation security.

The process of training of flight personnel

Training of flight personnel process includes classroom training, simulator training, aircraft flight training and operating of the flight personnel.

Theoretical training of flight personnel

Theoretical training of flight crews is conducted in classrooms ATC-Tu using video projection systems, and models of aircraft cabin equipment with SVT. The content and duration of theoretical training is coordinated by training programs. Theoretical training course is ended with examination.

Simulator training of flight personnel

After theoretical training course flight personnel is allowed to be trained on a complex simulator. Simulator training is performed by ATC-Tu flight instructor (simulator training instructor) on the basis of FSUE Pulkovo Training center.

Aerodrome flight training of flight personnel

Flight training is carried out in accordance with the approved program. In case of situations when additional training flights are required or in case of pilot disability ATC-Tu specialists together with the Customer specialists study objective control materials of training flight control and decide whether continue or stop training course for a specific flight specialist.

When training course s completed graduates receive a certificate in Russian or English confirming completion of training course on aircraft operation. The document is signed by ATC-Tu director.

The commissioning of flight personnel

Commissioning of flight crews is performed by ATC-Tu flight instructor in a commercial flights of the Customer - airline. Training course is carried out in accordance with the program of commissioning.
When commissioning is completed pilot-instructor makes a note in pilot's flight book about his readiness for independent aircraft operation according to his qualifications.
Qualification flight (flights) is performed with a representative of the customer airline management.

Theoretical training

Simulator training

Aerodrome Flight   Training

  into operation

Lecture classes,
  classes SVT ATC-Tu

Procedural Trainer (PTC)
  integrated simulator (IS)

Airlines Base

(plant Aviastar ZFT and DB)

Base Airlines in  
  commercial flight

Teachers and trainers:

Instructors: ATC-Tu


  Tupolev PJSC

Training facilities

Training facilities ATC-Tu is located in two areas - in Moscow ( Academician Tupolev Embankment ) and in Zhukovsky ( ZFTI and DB ) and includes the material and technical base, teaching tools and automated learning system .

The whole area of classrooms includes about 1000 m2. The total capacity of lecture classes and computer laboratories is about 125 people.

Material and technical base includes classrooms with computers and IT devices, aviation and engineering laboratories (SD, AO, REO, MSRP), landing gear and engines stands, flight simulators hall, library, and test and serial aircraft at the factory and on ZHLI and DB.

Educational materials are lectures, technical literature, design, operational, technical and legal documentation and video materials.

Automated learning system includes automated training systems, aircraft procedural simulators, information and reference database.

Computer class with IASO for flight and maintenance personnel

Interactive computer learning system (IASO) is designed for theoretical and basic practical preparation for systems and aircraft equipment operation in accordance with the FCOM, MM and RO.

IASO consists of automated work place of instructor, automated work places of students, video projector and demonstration screen.

IASO provides a range of training programs, sections, topics and objects of study, training information performance for interactive use, as well as registration of students, automated monitoring and record of learning outcomes in the database.

Procedural navigation simulator is designed to study the location of control devices and the type of indication, work with control devices, performing console procedures at battery system BCC, flight performance, land approach and landing. The simulator consists of cabin mockup, computing system (complex), and multi-channel visualization system.

The complex of interactive training (CIT)

CIT is a methodological tool to improve the quality of theoretical and simulator training for flight personnel. CIT consists of automated work places of trainees, instructor automated work place, a computer system (complex), and multi-channel imaging system.

CIT provides a study of the crew cabin equipment; aircraft control systems, indication that appears on the MFI, as well as practicing and performing of console procedures, flight in automatic or manual mode, crew actions during all stages of flight in normal conditions and in emergency situations.

CIT software allows creating and uploading performed exercises, changing the time of day and year, weather conditions, airport of departure/arrival (36000 world airfields), saving the current situation (exercise), and playing the flight back.

The complex emergency rescue training

The work on development Complex of emergency rescue training is currently under way, which includes a simulator emergency rescue training, designed to train the flight and cabin crew of aircraft Tu-204/Tu-214 and flight procedures trainer aircraft of emergency door opening – aircraft Tu-204/Tu-214 aimed at cabin crew training of aircraft Tu-204/Tu-214.

The basis of high quality training

Training of manufacturers, testers, trainers, teachers, and the first operators of the new complex aircraft begins with designers - creators and developers.

Experts of ATC-Tu use advanced techniques and training methods organize and provide process of flight personnel training in accordance with the applicable national and international standards. Teachers, designers, testers, trainers and organizers of ATC-Tu provide the necessary high level of knowledge and skills of new aircraft operation.

Prospects for quality increase

Prospects of flight personnel training quality improve is connected with further learning process improvement based on automated training systems and information database, procedural trainers development for the entire range of aircraft of Tupolev PJSC and introduction of complex and procedural simulators of new generation in learning process.


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