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Andrey N. Soldatenkov

Andrey N. Soldatenkov

Hero of the Russian Federation (2000), honoured test-pilot of the Russian Federation (2008), test-pilot of the 1st class.

Andrey Soldatenkov was born on June 29, 1954 in the city of Ramenskoye of the Moscow region.

Since 1971 Andrey Soldatenkov served in the Air Force. In 1975 he graduated from Kacha Higher Military aviation school for pilots and stayed there as a flight instructor. Since 1986 he was reserved.

In 1987 Andrey Soldatenkov graduated from the Test-Pilot School n.a. M.M. Gromov of the Ministry of Aircraft Production of the USSR.

In 1987-1988 Andrey Soldatenkov was a test-pilot of the Ulan-Ude aircraft factory. He tested batch produced Su-25, Mi-8 and their modifications.

Since 1988 Andrey Soldatenkov was a test-pilot of Tupolev design bureau. On February 8, 1999 he lifted in the sky and carried out tests of Tu-334 short-range passenger aircraft. He has performed large amount of tests on maturation of Tu-22M3's missile armament.

In the end of 90s Andrey Soldatenkov was a deputy chief of a department of the Flight Test and Development Base in Zhukovsky of ANTK n.a. A.N. Tupolev.

Nowadays Andrey Soldatenkov still works as a test-pilot at Tupolev design bureau. In 2000-2009 he carried out tests of Tu-334 and other aircraft of Tupolev design bureau.

Andrey Soldatenkov lives in the village of Kratovo of the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region.

Andrey Soldatenkov was awarded the Order "For personal courage".