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Anatoly D. Bessonov

Anatoly D. Bessonov

Honoured test-pilot of the USSR (1976), major (1969).

Anatoly Bessonov was born on April 20, 1929 in Moscow. In 1949 he graduated from Moscow Special School of the Air Force.

Since 1949 Anatoly Bessonov was in the army. In 1952, he graduated from Borisoglebsk Military aviation school for pilots and the Higher flight instructor school for officers (the city of Grozny). In 1952-1957, he was a flight instructor of Borisoglebsk Military aviation school for pilots. Since December, 1957 he was reserved.

In 1959 Anatoly Bessonov graduated from Test-Pilot School, and in 1966 - from Moscow Aviation Institute.

In August-September, 1959, Anatoly Bessonov was a test-pilot of the Flight Research Institute n.a. M.M. Gromov. He has performed a number of tests on Tu-16 and fighters within the scope of the institute's activities.

From September, 1959 to 1993, Anatoly Bessonov was a test-pilot of Tupolev design bureau. He has lifted in the sky and carried out tests of Tu-22U (November, 1962; 2nd pilot), Tu-95LL with NK-22 engines (1963), Tu-128U (1967), Tu-22МЗ (1977). Anatoly Bessonov has performed large amount of tests on Tu-128. He took part in tests of Tu-22, Tu-104, Tu-114, Tu-124, Tu-134, Tu-154 and their modifications.

Anatoly Bessonov lived in the city of Zhukovsky of the Moscow region. He worked as an engineer at the Tupolev Flight Test and Development Base. Anatoly Bessonov died on June 27, 2004. He was buried at the Bykovskoe cemetery in Zhukovsky.

Anatoly Bessonov was awarded the Order of Lenin (1977), the Order of the Badge of Honour (1961) and medals.