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Alexander I. Zhuravlyov

Alexander I. Zhuravlyov Alexander I. Zhuravlyov

Honoured test-pilot of the Russian Federation (2004).

Alexander Zhuravlyov was born on June 2, 1959 in the village of Siversky in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region. In 1980, he graduated from Kacha Military aviation school for pilots as a "pilot-engineer" (an officer with the higher professional military education), and till 1984, he was a flight instructor there.

In 1984 -1987 Alexander Zhuravlyov was an Air Force flight commander of the Soviet army group in Germany.

In 1989 Alexander Zhuravlyov graduated from Kacha higher Military aviation school for pilots n.a. A.F. Myasnikov and joined Zhukovsky flight test and development base of ANTK n.a. A.N. Tupolev, where he is still working as a test-pilot of the 1st class, and a deputy chief of the flight department. He is taking an active part in training aircrews of the Air Force and Civil Aviation for piloting new models of Tupolev airplanes.

Alexander Zhuravlyov has lifted in the sky and carried out tests of modernized Tu-160, Tu-214SR, Tu-214PU. He has performed large amount of tests on Tu-160 and Tu-95MS.

Alexander Zhuravlyov has repeatedly presented Russian airplanes at different international aerospace salons.

Alexander Zhuravlyov has mastered piloting of 38 types of aircraft and their modifications. In total, he has more than 7000 flying hours.