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Light weight passenger aircraft, has been entered into serial production.

The first native all-metal aircraft.

A successful mastering of making semi-finished items of kolchugaluminium (sheets, corrugations, sections, pipes, rivets) made it possible for the DB headed by A.N.Tupolev to start with development of small size all-metal ANT-2 aircraft.

In May 1923 building of single –engine aircraft started in two modifications – in passenger version designed to carry 2 to 3 passengers and in reconnaissance aircraft version with a gun installed. For ANT-2 a/c a cantilever all-metal high-wing monoplane layout was selected. The first prototype was provided with Bristol “Lucifer” engine of 100 HP thrust.


In May 1924 the first ANT-2 was built and 26 May the aircraft piloted by test-pilot N.I.Petrov took-off for the first time. The prototype was tested till April, 1925. According to the tests results it was decided to produce five machines at Kolchuginsk Plant. Production aircraft designated as ANT-2 bis was equipped by 200 HP engines and was intended to carry 3 persons. Since the DB was overloaded with deployment of ANT-3 (R-3) serial production, it was not possible to produce five ANT-2bis a/c. In 1930 only one machine ANT-2bis was built. Reconnaissance aircraft projecr on the basis of ANT-2 was not embodied. Restaurated ANT-2 is displayed in Monino Air Force Museum.

Main data of ANT-2 prototype: