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After-sales service

After-sales service of the “Tu” aircraft family.
After-sales service system composes of 4 components:

  1. Information support of the after-sales service participants;
  2. Maintenance service and aviation technics overhaul;
  3. Logistic support;
  4. Personnel training.

Схема послепродажного обслуживания самолетов марки «Ту»

Information support:
In the after-sales service department (aircraft Tu-134, Tu-154, Tu-204, Tu-214 and all its modifications) a twenty-four-hour Call-center has been organized:
Telephone/fax: (499) 263-70-80
E-mail: Show
Maintenance service and overhaul:
Tupolev PJSC created maintenance and overhaul centers, in case of aircraft fleet geography expansion, other independent maintenance and overhaul centers can be authorized in future.


Послепродажное обслуживание самолетов марки «Ту» Послепродажное обслуживание самолетов марки «Ту» Послепродажное обслуживание самолетов марки «Ту»

Maintenance and overhaul centers of Tu-134, 154,204,214 aircraft:


CJSC “Avia service”,Ulyanovsk


CJSC “ATB Domodedovo”, Moscow;


“Tupolev Avia Service”, Zhukovskiy;


LLC “UTAr-technik”, Ufa;


LLC “Aviastar – TU”, Zhukovskiy;


CJSC “Aviacore-service”, Samara;


JSC “Airline “Volga-Avia”, Nizhniy Novgorod;


CJSC «KAF”, Kazan;


CJSC “KAPO Avia”, Kazan;


After-sales service center JSC “Tupolev”, Kazan.

Maintenance service of Tu-204/214 aircrafts line stations:


Aircraft Maintenance Base(AMB) of State-financed organization “Russia”;


JSC “Vladivostok Avia” AMB;


CJSC «Red Wings» AMB;


JSC Airline “Transaero” AMB;


JSC Airline “Business Aero” AMB.

Flight and maintenance personnel training is conducted in Tupolev PJSC Aviation Training Center (ATC-Tu) in accordance with reeducation and advanced training programs approved by Federal Air Transport Agency.
Training of flight and cabin personnel process includes classroom training, simulator training and aircraft flight training.
Training of maintenance personnel process includes classroom training, practical training and probation.

Categories of specialists being trained:
Flight crew:

Maintenance personnel:

ATC-Tu also provides training for the most experienced airlines instructors after which graduates receive certificates permitting further flight and maintenance personnel training.


After-sales service web-site:
Comment: web-site is under development, the “demo-version” is available now.